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on April 10, 2017
In a moment of stupidity, I left a rug covering part of a floor heater in a rental unit. The next day I found the rug mostly melted and the apartment smelled, which previously had a faint cigarette smell, now had an overpowering burnt plastic smell which would make you gag while you were standing OUTSIDE. Going inside made your eyes water and you literally had to shower and change clothes to remove the smell on you. So, I started airing out the apartment and using carpet cleaner and washing all of the removable fabrics... and it still stunk to holy hell.

So, I went on amazon & bought 2 of these & 2 of another brand (Nature's Air Sponge Odor Absorber - and opened all of them :) I scattered them around the apartment and closed all of the windows & doors and left for a few days. I used the lids to flip the sponge out of the container so more surface area was exposed. After a few days, the smell was drastically reduced, and after a week it was a very faint smell. I haven't been able to see how they have worked long term, as the apartment was rented (thankfully these worked well enough that someone wanted to live in there.. before using them, it was difficult to spend more than 30 minutes in the unit without getting nauseous).

A few weeks later, a friend had a skunk get in the crawl space. She tried everything to get rid of the smell & nothing was having much of an impact on the skunk scent. I told her about these & the next time I saw her, she was amazed at how well they had worked.

So, if you have a horrible smelling room or house or car.. TRY THESE!! I don't know how much time these saved me! I'm getting ready to order more of them for other rentals & realized I hadn't reviewed them yet. So I can say I would definitely order them again because I'm going to order more right after I post this :)
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on September 19, 2013
It works great. Really, really fantastic.

A good approach for bathrooms that get a lot of use:

1. Flip it onto it's lid (gel out of container);
2. Cut "vent" strips out of bottom of container with a razor;
3. Leave gel on lid, put container on top. It's now sitting upside down.
4. Lift container to expose ALL the gel for faster odor removal, put container back to cover leaving only vents for slower, longer-lasting odor removal.
Alternatively, just switch from a partially off/fully off lid, but this will only expose the top of the gel, and so won't achieve strong/fast odor removal.

1. Consider using less product and/or adding a scented product to save money if you have strong, continuous smells in a large area. Where that is the case you'll need so much of this product that it's own slight odor won't have space to neutralize itself (which it does otherwise).
2. Save money by buying in bulk
- Cheapest: Buy a case at
- 5-lbs via Amazon Bad Air Sponge Odor Remover
3. Flip it out of the container onto its lid, or scoop bits of the product out onto pieces of cardboard in the space when you first use it. Experiment to determine the least you need to make the smell acceptable/gone.

Take into consideration:
' Space: Full rooms with tough odors need extra, small spaces with minor odors just open the container
' Heat/air flow: The product will evaporate much faster if there is excess heat or a lot of air flow.
' Source: A continuous source of strong odors (such as wafting smoke, cat litter box) will require more of the product.
' Size of source: One pet accident is a small area. A smoke-damaged room has odor particles in EVERYTHING, and will take more product

Use plenty of scoops onto paper plates/pieces of cardboard and leave around in worst odor areas.

As it shrinks/dries up, cut pieces in half to expose more fresh odor-fighting chemical if you don't want its effectiveness to fade.

Consider buying the 5-lb bucket (link at top).
Consider using less and also using a scented product of some kind.
Keep it away from areas that are
' Hot
' Dry
' Have lot of air flow

DISPOSAL: If you can't take it out right away, consider a diaper pail. Most have a slot inside the lid for some kind of scent disk. Attach a piece of wire or fabric mesh (twist ties work fine) to the scent holder area to make hanging spot to scoop some bad air sponge into.
THE SPACE: Buy the 5-lb (link at top) version to save money over time, and start with more scoops spread around than you think you need, then cut back to test.

The product has a slight slight citrus-y smell that will actually neutralize itself in most uses. But:

' It's less than a foot away from your nose in an open area (or 2-3 feet if you expose a lot of product);
' You use a lot of the product;
' It's in a very hot area or in an area with a lot of air flow;
' Air flow occasionally blows from the product towards your nose;

The worse the odor and the larger the space, the more of the product you'll need to scoop out and leave around. But it really works well, though you may have to use a lot of the product.

Windows over time can get water damage and mold, so consider using the sponge near windows. Also, read the next tip.

A material with mold/mildew is just like having a smoker lighting one up: both create new smell and spread it into the air continuously.

Also, even after finding and removing/using chemicals (bleach, special paint) on mildew-infected area, it tends over time to have gotten into everything in the space affected (like smoke), so you need more product than you think you do.

Use as much as you need to eliminate odors, but keep using it for awhile EVEN AFTER the smell appears gone. What happens is that odors near the surface spread fastest and are neutralized first, but deeper odors still exist. If you stop using it too soon, a small amount of deeper odor will slowly spread, and so you may need to use the sponge again.

Alternatively, use it until the odor is gone, then use again if smell seems to "come back." Still, 2-3 uses should permanently eliminate most odors.

Company say it is not, and that it's even safe to eat. But if you use such a large amount that you can smell the product strongly over a long period of time, you are probably getting more of the chemical than anyone has been tested against. However, one reviews says "This product uses the same chemical, para-dichlorobenzene, that is used in urinal cakes, heavy-duty industrial cleaners, some plug-in air fresheners, and as the main ingredient in mothballs."

CHECK ON ARRIVAL: It should fill the container and look not at all shriveled when you open it. If it is shriveled, return it right away--it's been partially used up, probably by accidental exposure to air.

Remember, continuous strong sources in larger spaces (mildew, new smoke, lots of cats using a litter box, etc.) will need a lot more product than you might think. As well as large spaces that have been contaminated with strong odors--although once they are gone, you will need no or very little product ongoing.
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on October 3, 2010
I'm responsible for purchasing supplies for a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. We had persistent odor in one of our bathrooms despite daily scrubbing because staff would 'forget' to throw out used Depends immediately after use. After having tried all the sprays available, and being unable to use many products due to concerns about accidental ingestion, in desperation I tried this product. It works amazingly well. We even use the same jar occasionally in other areas around the house whenever we have 'accidents' and it takes care of even the worst lingering air odors within half an hour. Best of all, it's completely non-toxic which means we can leave it out without fear of ingestion. The one jar I've bought has actually lasted us about a year, but we keep it in a small bathroom which is probably the reason for this long life.

Also, because no one's mentioned it here, the outer label peels off leaving a nice looking neutral print on the jar.

If you're looking for a safe and effective air freshener that you can put out and forget about which won't leave cloying chemical perfume odors, I highly recommend giving this product a try.
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on August 9, 2017
I bought my home about 2 months ago- after 2 weeks we began to notice a very strange "wet dog" smell. We have no animals but it clearly smells like an animal. It drove me crazy and no candles or air freshener helped. I mopped the floor, had the cleaners come in- nothing helped! I bought Bad Air Sponge and after a day of use I noticed a tremendous difference- the odor was not gone completely but there is certainly a noticeable difference- at least 80% better. The only issue is after only 10 days the unknown smell is trying to creep back- I am afraid I will need 3 of these a month!
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on February 21, 2016
I just opened the container and it looks like this... It's scaring me a bit. My friend got me one last year and I don't remember the brown spots like this. Is this normal???
review image
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on May 28, 2017
I bought this because I adopted a new cat, and had to keep her separated from my other cat for a period of time. Because I had to keep the door closed, there was a lack of air flow, and the general cat/litter box smell took over. This little guy helped clear out the smell, and left it's own fresh scent. I would highly recommend for any room in your house that has that not so fresh smell.
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on June 8, 2013
Ordered this odor neutralant to help mask the smell of our woodburning fireplace and chimney in the dining room. In Summer 2011, we had chimney swift birds living in the chimney due to a chimney cap that had come off during a thunderstorm. The chimney sweep cleaned the chimney the following autumn after the birds moved out and installed a new chimney cap. The stinky odor of bird poop and whatever else is still in there is quite noticeable two years later. We don't notice the birds' odor as much in the winter as we are actively using the fireplace. But as soon as it gets warmer outside in Spring, we start to smell the birds' odor. There are no live birds in the chimney, and our flue closes pretty well, but it's not airtight.

Per the instructions to make the "sponge" more effective, I took the sponge out of the plastic container and set it on its plastic lid. About 3/4 of the sponge is remaining over about a month. The sponge has a sweet smell which is ok, but not ideal, since we do eat dinner in that room. It might be better in a bathroom, bedroom, garage, or basement area.

It works fine when we are not using our range hood exhaust fan which is located over the stove and about 12 feet from the fireplace. When we turn on the fan, then we can smell both the birds' odor and this sponge's fragrance. Never does well with the smell of food cooking or trying to enjoy dinner though without the birds' odor. Not the product's fault because it's doing its job to mask the odor the best it can when the range hood exhaust fan is not being used.

I do recommend the product for areas in which you are not eating food. It has cool-looking packaging, too.
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on September 6, 2015
One of our bedrooms reeked with cat urine odor - so bad it could be smelled through a closed door. But we couldn't spot treat it because we couldn't FIND it - black light never picked up a drop of urine.
After using one of these, the smell SEEMED to be less strong. By the time a second one had been used up, we knew it had definitely made a difference. It took 3 sponges, but the smell is completely gone.
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on July 10, 2017
We had a dead animal in our walls, and we bought this product to help while the carcass decomposed. Our bathroom must have been too large for the space (not according to the instructions, though) because this product only helped in the immediate area of the jar. Leaving the window open helped as much as the product.

Gave the rest of the jar to my mom who had a lingering smoke smell from a previous tenant, and it worked well there to remove the odor. I would say this product works better for that type of odor versus an active smell.
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on January 29, 2018
This may work for some but hasn't worked for me. I believe a rodent died inside an exterior wall above the fireplace. Above the fireplace is an area for a tv that has 2 doors which is where I first placed the sponge. The smell is only masked and not eliminated. The odor is less strong when I put the sponge on the mantel but that's all it has accomplished.I also tried a spray and that didn't work either. Guess we will have to wait it out.
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